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Jeep JK 1 1/4″ 2 / 4 Door Body Lift Kit Instructions

March 31st, 2010 · No Comments

1. Place Jeep on clean, dry, level surface. Installation is done one side at a time.
2. Raise hood. Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the (6) push pin inserts from grill on top side as shown. Retain for re-use.
3. Pull grill toward you to release the three lower clips.
4. Disconnect the parking light electrical connecter and remove grill assembly.
5. Using a 16mm wrench remove the 2 stud nuts from the stock body mounts as shown (12 mounts for 4 door and 8 mounts for 2 door), removing only the passenger side first.
6. After completion of removing the stud nuts, remove the center stud bolt and washer from the passenger side body mounts using a 18mm wrench.
7. After all isolator nuts and center mounting bolts are removed from the passenger side, position a wood block and (2) jack stands under the body as shown. Lift the body upwards and begin removing the body mounts.
8. After removing the stock body mounts from your vehicle, replace the nut on the stud and tighten the nut only until the stud thread and nut are even. Using a 3/4” wrench and hammer, place the head side of the stud inside the wrench and then place onto a flat surface. Strike the nut side of the stud until the stud releases. Proceed with stud removal of all body mounts.
9. After stud removal is complete, place the Rough Country body block onto the stock mount as shown.
10. Re-install the body mount using the 3/8” x 2 1/4” bolt / washers and nuts supplied. Secure these bolts into place us- ing a 9/16 wrench and tighten to 40ft/lbs. Note: The RC block will mount towards the body on the front two mounts. On the rear mounts, the RC block will mount to the frame side.
11. Lower the jacks so that body mount meets with the frame mount and remove the jacks.
12. Using a 18mm wrench secure center mounting bolts, only hand tight.
13. Repeat all above steps to driver side.
14. After completion of installing all body blocks and mounts, completely remove jacks and wood block. Using an 18mm wrench torque center mounting bolts to 80 ft/lbs on all body mounts.
15. Reattach grill parking light electrical connectors. Snap grill into lower clips and using a Philips screw driver, secure the grill with the factory pin fasteners (6) on the top side.
16. Close hood. Recheck torque after 500 miles on all bolts. The 3/8” bolts should be 40ft/lbs and the stock mounting bolts should be at 80ft/lbs.

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