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Jeep Cherokee 4″ Suspension Lift Kit JXJ34 Installation Instructions

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments

This kit is not recommended for trucks equipped with ABS brake systems or dual rear wheels. Use of this kit and/or larger tire and wheel combinations may reduce the effectiveness of ABS system and increase the amount of pedal pressure necessary to obtain a given braking distance.
1. Read carefully before proceeding with installation. This 4” lift kit is designed to be installed on ‘84-’86 Jeep Cherokee with standard “Command Trak” 5- speed transmissions. The original factory front drive shaft must be removed and replaced with new longer balanced drive shaft featuring 2 new universal joints, a new longer slip yoke and a new industrial flange on the transfer case end. The owners manual clearly states that the standard 5-speed transmission is not to be engaged and driven in 4-wheel drive on the highway or on smooth hard surfaces. This lift kit is not to be installed on vehicles with automatic “Select-Trak” transmissions. Contact your local dealer for new driveshaft.
2. Refer to OE service manual for proper disassembly/assembly procedures for OE components (like steering shaft, anything else). Consult the following instructions for special tools necessary for this installation.
3. Compare parts included in your system with the enclosed parts list. Placing hardware with components before you start may reduce installation time. Contact your Trail Master dealer if any parts are missing or appear to be different than those indicated on the parts list.

1. Position hydraulic floor jack under front axle on the passenger side next to the differential. Raise axle so the tires are approximately one foot (1’) off the ground. Place adjustable jack stands under frame rails at a point 8” behind the lower strut arm frame mounting points. Lower axle until the vehicle rests on the jack stands and the shocks are partially extended. Leave the floor jack positioned under the axle.
2. Remove skid plate, if equipped, and discard. Remove both front tires and shocks. Remove front sway bar from frame and retain all parts. Remove tracking arm end at axle mounting point on passenger side and allow to drop free.
3. On each side, remove lower strut arm at frame and release arm to swing down from frame. Save all nuts and bolts. On each side, remove the lower strut arm adjustment bracket from inside the frame pocket by removing the 2 nuts on the rear of the pocket.

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