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Jeep Real Wood Trim Scratch Repair

July 20th, 2010 · No Comments

This bulletin involves finesse sanding and polishing scratched real wood trim panels. MODELS: **2005 (CS) Pacifica** **2005 (JR) Sebring Convertible/Sebring Sedan/Stratus Sedan** 2001 -**2004** (LH) 300M/LHS/Concorde Limited **2005 (LX) 300/Magnum** 2002 – **2004** (WG) Grand Cherokee (International Markets) 2002 – **2004** (WJ) Grand Cherokee
NOTE: **This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with sales codes CSY or SCW.**
SYMPTOM/CONDITION: Real wood trim steering wheels and interior trim panels may become scratched/damaged by sharp objects such as rings, keys, etc.
DIAGNOSIS: Visually inspect the wood trim if a scratch is present, the following Repair Procedure should be used.
NOTE: **Subject CS-vehicles have real wood steering wheel and shift knob. Subject JR-vehicles have real wood instrument panel bezels and on JR-convertible vehicles door trim panel spears. Subject LH-vehicles have real wood steering wheels, cluster and right side instrument panel trim bezels. Subject LX-vehicles have real wood door pulls, shift knobs and steering wheels. Subject WJ/WG-vehicles with an optional Overland package have real wood instrument panel spears/bezels, instrument panel upper center bezel, door trim panel spears and steering wheel.**
REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1. Depending on the depth of the scratch, sand the scratched area with 400 grit or finer sandpaper. Use a linear (back and forth) sanding action, DO NOT use a circular motion. 2. Continue sanding until the scratched area is flush with the surrounding surface of the steering wheel/trim panel. 3. Use the next finest grit sandpaper to sand the scratched area until the linear scuff pattern is uniform with the finer grit. 4. Repeat step 3 until sanding with 2000 grit sandpaper is completed. 5. Polish the sanded area with polishing compound to return the surface to a high luster. 6. Clean any sanding/polishing residue from the vehicle.

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