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Cadillac Autronic-Eye Automatic Headlight Control Service Instructions

July 21st, 2010 · No Comments

The Autronic-Eye is an electronic device that automatically switches the headlamps between the upper and lower beams on the car to which it is installed, in response to light from an approaching car. It consists of four individual units: Phototube Unit, Amplifier Unit, Power Relay, and Auxiliary Foot Switch.
The Phototube Unit is an optical device containing a phototube and receives power from the Amplifier Unit by cable. The lens of the Photo- tube Unit picks up light from approaching head- lamps and focuses it through a niter and mask to the phototube within the unit. This light is then converted into an electrical signal and returned by cable to the Amplifier Unit. The Phototube Unit is mounted on the top left side of the instrument panel. The sensitivity of the Phototube Unit is adjusted to accommodate the clear or tinted wind-shields on the car to which it is installed. The mounting bracket will fit only the instrument panel of the car for which it is designed.
The Amplifier Unit is an electronic device which applies voltage to the Phototube Unit and the Power Relay. The Amplifier Unit operates the Power Relay in response to รก signal from the Phototube Unit caused by the headlamps from an approaching car. The Amplifier Unit is mounted under the hood. The serial number is stamped on the end of the base. The Power Relay, mounted under the hood, is a heavy duty relay, with special alloy contacts, for FIG.1 switching the headlamps between the upper and lower beams.
The Auxiliary Foot Switch is a normally open, plunger type switch which is mounted on the toe pan near the Standard Foot Dimmer Switch. When the Autronic-Eye is controlling the head-lamps, the Auxiliary Foot Switch when depressed and held in closed position provides an upper beam regardless of light on the Phototube Unit.

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