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1996-2003 Cadillac Eldorado Pro.Fit VSM Instructions

July 21st, 2010 · No Comments

STEP 1. In front of shifter knob locate and remove a small clip that holds the shifter knob in place. Using your hook tool to get behind the small clip and pull outward. Set clip aside. Grasp the shifter knob and pull up to remove. Insert the hook tool underneath the right rear corner of the bezel that surrounds the shifter. Pull upward to release one (1) clip. Perform the same action in the remaining three corners of the bezel. Set the the parking brake and shift the transmission into neutral. Pull the ashtray insert out and set aside. Locate a 9/32” hex head screw behind where the ashtray insert was. Remove that screw with your 9/32” socket and ratchet. Set the screw aside. Grasp the bezel that surrounds the shifter knob and pull it up and over the shifter handle. Disconnect all wiring and set bezel aside.
STEP 2. Below the climate control, locate and remove two (2) screws holding radio and climate control in place. [one (1) on left and one (1) on right.] Set screws aside.
STEP 3. Remove trim piece located just above the radio which includes buttons for info, fuel door, and trunk release. Insert hook tool between radio and trim piece at the far right corner. (Carefully pry up and out to remove with hook tool.) Repeat on left corner. Disconnect wiring and set trim piece aside. Behind trim piece locate and remove two (2) screws holding radio in place [one (1) on left and one (1) on right.] Pull radio and climate control out of cavity. Let rest on protective cloth on center console. Do not disconnect wiring.
STEP 4.: Locate and remove one (1) 9/32” head screw in the back right corner of radio cavity. Position Pro.Fit VSM®, aligning bottom hole of Pro.Fit VSM® with screw hole. Reinsert screw and tighten. Using small hole in Pro.Fit VSM® as a guide, punch hole with center punch. Drill a pilot hole with your 9/32” drill bit and drill. Hole will be at an angle. Insert provided screw and tighten.
STEP 5. Install hang-up cup onto Pro.Fit VSM®. Reassemble radio and dash components.

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