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1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Signal Mirror Installation Instructions

July 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

1. Start with the driver’s side door and lower the window. (A) 2. Use a small slotted screwdriver to remove the plastic screw cover located on the inside section of the door. (B) 3. Remove the screw behind the screw cover and the screw located directly below the corner speaker. (C) 4. Starting at the top edge, use a small pry bar to lift the window control panel out of the door panel. (A) 5. Disconnect both sets of wires from the window control panel. (B) 6. Remove the screw in the opening from where the window control panel was removed. (C) 7. Starting from the left side, use a small slotted screwdriver to pry open the cover above the door handle. Remove the screw behind the cover. (A) 8. The cover around the door handle needs to be removed. There are two snaps at the top and bottom of the cover that hold it in place. Start at the top and slide a small slotted screwdriver in between the door lock lever and cover. While pulling back on the cover, gently pry down on the screwdriver to release the snap from the tab. When repeating this process on the bottom of the cover, pry up instead of down. (B) & (C) 9. Remove the four screws from the bottom of the door panel. Remove the two plastic grip plugs located on the outboard side of the door panel. Press in the center of the plug first and then pry the plug out as shown. (A) 10. Remove the plastic grip plug on the inboard side of the door panel. (B) 11. Pull the plastic speaker cover out from the corner of the door. (C) 12. Lift the door panel up and off of the door. Hold the panel away from the door and disconnect the wire from behind the door reflector. (A) 13. Disconnect the mirror wire harness. (B) 14. The mirror wire harness is held in place with a plastic grommet. Dislodge the grommet to free the wire from the door. (C) 15. Remove the screw from the speaker bracket in the corner of the door. Dislodge the speaker bracket and let it hang down on the speaker wire. (A) 16. Secure the mirror housing with one hand and remove the three mirror mounting nuts from the corner of the door. (B) WARNING! Be careful not to drop components into the door cavity. 17. Remove the mirror housing from the door.

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