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Transmission, Knocking Noise Under Load Technical Bulletin

July 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Knocking noises at load change from pendulum support. Tip: If vehicle is equipped with 6 speed manual transmission (MQ350), see Technical bulletin Instance number 2015981 in ElsaWeb. Technical Background Connection between pendulum support and gearbox may be loose. Engine vibrations affect the connection and may loosen the bolts. Production Solution No production change required.
1. Check pendulum support bolts.
2. If bolts are loose:
a. Remove bolts.
b. Discard original bolts.
c. Install pendulum support and secure with new bolts listed below. M10×35 (N91066101) M10×75 (N10680201)
Note: Contrary to the repair manual use following torque: Tighten bolts to 50 Nm (37 ft. lbs.) plus 90°.
Warranty When procedure applies to vehicles within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, use the following: Claim Type: W2 Part Identifier: 3435 Manual Transmission Damage Code: 3435 18 _ _ _ * 1 Labor Operation: 34355599 = 50 TU Part Identifier: 3735 Automatic Transmission Damage Code: 3735 18 _ _ _ * 1 Labor Operation: 37355599 = 50 TU Diagnostic Time: No Additional Diagnostic Time Allowed Claim Comment: Type “As per Technical Bulletin 2015979” in comment section of Warranty Claim. Required Parts and Tools Description Part No: Quantity Bolt M10×35 10.9 N 91066101 1 Bolt M10×75 10.9 N 10680201 1 No special tools required.
Additional Information All part and service references provided in this Technical Bulletin are subject to change and/or removal. Always check with your Parts Dept. and Repair Manuals for the latest information.

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