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CodeLink – The New Last Step in Alignment Service

July 27th, 2010 · No Comments

CodeLinkо provides a simple, integrated solution Hunter Engineering’s patented CodeLinkо fully integrates with Hunter’s WinAlignо alignment systems to provide fast, simple solutions to resetting SAS and other related sensors.
- Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.
- Incorporates SAS reset steps into alignment procedure.
- On-screen instructions allow the technician to use the same familiar interface – easy to learn.
- Much less expensive than OEM and aftermarket diagnostic scan tools.
- Updates with alignment software – no additional expensive software required.
- Dedicated alignment tool – stays in the alignment bay.
Simplified reset instructions using easy-to-read graphics replace confusing OEM procedures.
Finishes the job right
CodeLink works with the alignment sensors to ensure the front wheels are adjusted correctly for proper SAS reset. Guarantees precision when working with small steering angle thresholds. Reduces the possibility of errors that may result in a customer comeback.
The new last step… CodeLink “links” the vehicle OBD-II system to the aligner to measure SAS position and reset the sensor referenced to the vehicle’s alignment geometry. CodeLinkо advantages:
- Integrated with Hunter WinAlignо systems
- Simple instructions shown on aligner screen
- Only one tool required
- Wireless communication with aligner
- Resets SAS and other related sensors
- Alignment printouts document reset

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