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89-93 Mazda Miata Dashboard Removal

August 17th, 2010 · No Comments

When I bought my ‘91 SE, the paint on the top of the dashboard was in terrible shape and I immediately determined that I would remove the dash in order to strip and refinish it.
After considerable research, I began to get the impression that this would be a painfully difficult endeavor and that I might be better off just living with the damaged finish.
However, having now completed the removal myself, I can say that it’s actually a very straightforward and relatively simple process that only took about four hours to complete with frequent breaks and picture taking included.
The whole disassembly can be broken down into 13 basic steps, which I’ve enumerated as sections in this guide:
Remove Eyeball Vents
Remove Steering Wheel
Remove Steering Column Cover, Access Panel & Glove Box
Remove Gauge Hood
Remove Gauge Cluster
Remove Center Armrest
Remove Center Console Panel
Remove Stereo
Remove Heater/AC Controller
Drop the Steering Column & Hood Release
Unbolt The Dashboard
Disconnect Dash Wiring
Remove Dash From Car

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