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Kenne Bell Supercharged Mazda Miata Tech & Tuning Tips

August 18th, 2010 · No Comments

The Mazda engine produces a greater percentage HP gain (+65%) from 6 psi boost than any vehicle we ever supercharged. We
believe this to be the most flexible and best engineered forced induction kit available for the Mazda Miata. Installation will require
approx. 12 hours. Take your time, particularly on the wiring. Read ALL the instructions FIRST. Run 92 octane minimum. 91
octane (California and Arizona) use a slightly larger pulley and lower boost than 92.
BOOST The Kenne Bell Miata kit offers a great degree of power flexibility, as boost and horsepower – up to 240RWHP – may be
varied from 6-12 psi in intercooled or non-intercooled versions. The stock Miata is a very strong and reliable engine that loves to
be supercharged. Doubling the power output (100% increase) is relatively easy with only a Kenne Bell Twin Screw kit. It is
important to remember that increasing boost requires fuel octane to be raised. Every 1 psi of boost needs approx. 1.5 octane to
support it. Intercooling allows boost to be increased approx. 3 psi from 6-9 psi. However, 9 psi may be used without an
intercooler if the octane level is 1.5 octane x 3 psi = 4.5 octane + 91 = 95.5 octane. 12 psi intercooled boost will also require
approximately 95.5 octane. Increasing or decreasing boost when alternating applications (street vs. slalom, competition, drag
strip, oval, road racing etc.) only requires a pulley and belt change – and the necessary octane enhancement.
FUEL, SPARK & OCTANE Forget about the “more fuel” recommendations. More fuel doesn’t help detonation nor does it make
“more power.” Ideal air fuel ratio is what makes power and/or controls detonation. So think octane. The Kenne Bell
OPTIMIZER™ is calibrated for a relatively safe 11:1 air fuel ratio with our injectors. The OPTIMIZER™ is also calibrated to retard
ignition spark at higher rpm. If the engine experiences detonation (knock), the stock ECM will retard ignition timing up to 4° and
help protect the engine. It is important to understand that any audible knock with the Kenne Bell kit clearly indicates that all the
spark retard (Kenne Bell and Mazda) protection is in effect and the engine is knocking. If knock occurs, FIND THE PROBLEM.
It’s either poor quality fuel, insufficient octane, lean mixture (vacuum leaks), plugged injector, insufficient fuel pressure,
excessive engine coolant temp, too hot a spark plug, high air charge temp etc. NEVER assume the Kenne Bell OPTIMIZER™
can be re-calibrated to magically solve unrelated problems. It has already been optimally calibrated. California and Arizona offer
maximum 91 octane. Other states have 92, 93 and 94 octane. Use unleaded fuel only. 100 octane unleaded is classified as
racing fuel but it works great and can be mixed to obtain the desired octane. Example: 50% 92 + 50% 100 = 98 octane. NOS
brand octane booster also works very well (see Jim Bell’s Supercharger/Turbocharger Tuning Tips). The larger injectors supply
all the fuel necessary and the OPTIMIZER™ has re-calibrated the entire fuel program. Never under any circumstances use
auxiliary (wet flow) injectors. It results in uneven fuel distribution to the cylinders.
KENNE BELL TWIN SCREW There is no better, more efficient supercharger for the Mazda. Boost will not drop off at higher rpm
and there is no boost lag. And you won’t get sleepy or hungry waiting for the boost to build up. Best shift rpm is 6500 rpm. Boost
will increase after 6500, but HP levels out because the engine goes lean above 6500. Don’t over rev it. 12 psi competition kits
must be shifted at 6500 rpm. The power output above 6500 exceeds the MAF meter capacity and the engine misfires and sets a
code. 6 and 9 psi kits have no problem as the power is less at these boost levels. Limit engine speed to 6500 rpm. A wide
selection of pulleys are available. Removal requires pulley wrench (part# SC3140) and a new belt that is specific to the pulley.
No change to the OPTIMIZER™ is necessary.

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