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How much would it cost to rebuild a 94 ford engine?

December 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Problem: We have a 1994 Ford, It is a power-stroke, Turbo, 7.4Liter, Diesel and it has 313,000 miles on it, it has really gone to hell lately and we would like to put it in a shop to rebuild it. How much would it cost to rebuild the ENTIRE engine?

Answer: Get Local Estimates – repair costs can vary greatly from region to region, any answer you can get from this forum will not account for local shop rates or for performance “Choices” which you will want to make. For example: “New or Rebuilt Turbo? or reuse existing?”

On your truck determine whether the engine can be removed without removal of the cab or if cab removal will be required, so start at your local Ford Dealership and ask if cab removal will be required! If they say it is necessary tell this to the other shops you seek estimates from, I am not certain which years require cab removal. That engine is worth the investment – keep the records and when you scrap the truck have the engine pulled and sell it yourself – that series engine is a hot seller!

On any major repair I recommend that you get 3 or 4 estimates from local service facilities unless you are lucky enough to have a shop with an absolutely stellar reputation available. Compare the estimates and choose one of the middle estimates. My reasoning for this is the low estimate either left something out or worse is deliberately giving a low ball estimate to get you in and then when your car is all torn apart they find all sorts of critically important things wrong with it which run your bill through the roof. Do the leg work and be an informed car owner. No reliable technician or shop will give an estimate for repair site unseen except as a budgetary estimate which will be a range from the middle average to the unusual high end possible

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