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Can I swap a 352 v8 ford engine for a 351C ford engine or do I have to make modifications?

December 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Problem: I happen to have a 1965 Ford F-100 Truck that has a 352 engine that needs restoring. A buddy is selling me a 351 Cleveland from a 1972 Ford truck. Will it be an easy swap or do I have to make modifications. Should I just rebuild the original engine(352)?
I’ll appretiate any help anyone can give me.

Answer: This is not a difficult swap and Ford pieces can be used. The 351C uses regular mounting hardware common to other small block V-8s. There are many outfits that sell the mounts you’ll need as this is a popular swap. The transmission bellhousing is different so you will need that as well. If you have a standard trans. now, your trans. won’t mount unless you have the 3-speed. The 4 speed has different mount holes but the 3-sp. can use the same holes found on the small-block bellhousing. If you have an automatic trans. you will not be able to re-use it as the old FE engine (352) has a different bolt pattern. However, the common C-4 will bolt to the 351C as will some C-6 units and the hardware for that is also available from the aftermarket. Also, you may have to have the radiator connections re-located. Again, not a problem.
A good case can be made for rebuilding the 352 tho’. They are very good p/u engines and the ignition etc can be upgraded easily. The rebuild can be done for not much money if you are handy w/ things like that. You would have some machine shop work and the parts can be bought as a kit for a decent price. You would then save all the mounting and trans costs etc. so give that some thought.

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