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Does anyone make a chevy engine to Ford truck engine swap kit?

December 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Problem: I am considering replacing the Ford 460 engine in my truck with Chevy’s 572 bigblock. Has anyone done this and does a kit exist?

Solution: I haven’t seen a kit for it but I’ve done a few. You’ll have to cut off the motor mount brackets from the frame and fab up some new ones. I use the chevy trans and the {divorced} ford t-case so its just a driveshaft mod to the chev trans. Of course I use the GM alternator and throw out the ford junk. Headers or stock manifolds both fit so a trip to the muffler shop takes care of that. Pretty straight forward stuff if you have a clue but if it’s beyond you take it to a shop and have it done for you, it’ll be cheaper than having someone fix your mistakes.

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