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Toyota Camry engine light on, could it be the tube connecting the TPS and Igniter?

December 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Problem: I have a 4 cylinder 1996 Toyota Camery and the “check engine” light is on and the car is stuttering while driving. My husband checked the tube connecting the TPS and Ignighter and it was cracked. He temporarily pushed it on there, but the light is still on. I am going to get a new tube tomorrow. Would this make the engine light come on?

Solution: I think you are referring to the air boot from the throttle body to the air filter. If so, it will not cause the problem, as that vehicle has a MAP sensor and won’t be bothered by a cracked tube. Take the car to Advance Auto or the like. They will pull the code for you and then you can try and determine the problem. There are just way too many possibilities to guess without the code. Or you could take it to the Dealer who has probably seen whatever is wrong with your car about 100 times and will know just what to do!

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