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Can someone give me info on how to change a valve cover gasket for a ‘02 Toyota Camry V6?

December 17th, 2010 · No Comments

Problem: Can someone link me to a DIY how-to or give me the info itself on how to replace a leaking valve cover gasket for a ‘02 Toyota Camry V6? As well as any torque specs for the valve cover bolts. I’ve done valve cover gasket replacements for Hondas and Acuras but the Toyota V6 engine is a bit different.

Opinions: First, get your hands on a repair manual. Don’t remove anything you don’t need to. The seals are like o-rings and press into the covers. Put RTV on the cam seals. Be sure and clean the groove where the cover seal inserts and get rid of any dirt and oil, or it will leak. The cover bolt torque is probably slight- look it up to make sure- probably 14 ft.Lbs. Thet back cover- Hmmm. I’ll pray for you. It’s not impossible, but take your time and keep everything clean. Follow the book.

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