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What is involved in replacing an expansion valve on my 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

December 17th, 2010 · No Comments

I am pretty mechanically inclined so I want to do this myself as I can only afford the part and not the labor. I understand it is evacuating the A/C system, replacing the valve, and then charging again. I do not know where the valve is, specifically and if it requires certain industry tools. I have replaced CV joints, done valve jobs, brakes, etc…(A little background, so you can determine if I can do this.)

Opinions: The expansion valve is bolted to and mounted on the evaporator housing. You have to remove the glove box completely. the evap is held in by about 4-5 bolts. look for them carefully. disconnect everything that is in front of it. there should be a cable that runs in front of the evap. make sure you re-install that exactly the same way you took it off.
After you remove all the bolts holding on to the evap, you just need to use a little force and pull the whole thing out. the expansion valve is a rectangular block of aluminium. make sure you replace ALL O-ring seals and lubbed them with clean A/C oil (PAG oil).
hope this helps.

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