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How do I change the headlights in my BMW 325i?

December 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Tools Required;
8 mm socket
Ratchet with extension bar
Phillips screwdriver
Other basic hand tools
Facilities Needed;
Garage or level surface
Parts Required;-
Stock Headlight Lenses
p/n 63-12-1-387-863 (L), $125.15 list
p/n 63-12-1-387-864 (R), $125.15 list
Getting Started;
If you’re mostly happy with your stock lighting, just replace the plastic lens (sold as a complete module, p/n above). This is the easy, most affordable way to go. Many dealers offer a discount for car club members so I purchased mine for $82.40 each. See comparison image below.
The headlight assembly consists of two parts: 1) the lens module and, 2) the carrier frame. The frame mounts to the chassis in five locations.
1) Using 8 mm socket, remove the three upper mounting screws above the lens. Use a screwdriver (or a crescent wrench) to hold the plastic adjuster nuts stationary while you turn out the screws, so as to maintain the original headlight aiming.
2) Using an extension bar, remove the remaining left and right 8mm screws, located behind the lens. You’ll need a flashlight to see ‘em.
3) Pull headlight assembly outward carefully. Disconnect the two light bulb plugs and slide the turn signal off the carrier frame.
4) On backside of light assembly, locate the four center lens mounting screws through the access holes in the carrier frame and remove.Locate the two other mounting screws and remove.
5) Pull lens out of carrier frame and remove bulbs. Insert bulbs in new lens and install new lens in reverse order. Tighten mounting screws completely, being careful not to disturb aiming adjustment screws on carrier frame.
6) Finish installation of new assembly in reverse order. When complete, verify headlight aim and function. I used my closed garage door to project light onto. Consider protective lens covers on your new investment, too.

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