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Where can i find an on line print out on how to install a radiator on a 97 BMW z3 roadster?

December 20th, 2010 · No Comments

my radiator blew up on me this last sat. i purchased a radiator and will recieve it tommorow. i do not have a owners manual, and it will take to long to order one. I was hoping someone would know a web site that might actually have installation instructions. Thank you for your time… i will reward top answer. please NO negative comments they are a waste of your time.

Ans: Ahhh crap it’s easy, first get a HUGE drain pan and set up underneath, then you remove the hoses (on mine there are 3) and make sure to catch the leak, and the fan shroud and it’s all bolts along the top (except the hoses), two more bolts hold the radiator and it should slide right out.
Set the new one in there, secure the two top bolts but make sure it is seated in the bottom bracket(s) first, then re-connect the hoses, and the shroud, once it’s all gtg refill with 50/50 and check for leaks before you get too far down the road, lalala.
Takes like an hour or two first time around, I can do mine in 30-45 minutes, seems like about every other repair involves removing this for better access, it’s really not that hard just takes time and patience, again most every bolt is along the top except the hoses.
And if it doesn’t come right out, you have to look real good as there’s likely something you forgot to loosen or take off.
The fan shroud’s a bit of a pita (cauz the screws or what not is time consuming) so I used electrical cable ties to re-secure this on mine.

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