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My 1996 BMW 750iL leaked fuel once. I believe it is the fuel filler hose that is leaking?

December 20th, 2010 · No Comments

How can I access the fuel filler hose and replace it, in order to solve this problem? Can someone show me a diagram or offer detailed instructions? Any help will do.

Ans:The fuel filler hose, or at least most parts of it, can be seen and accessed by putting the car on a lift, removing the right wheel, and removing the fender liner. The filler hose obviously has a rubber trim on top that has to be removed during servicing.
Usually, problems of this type can be corrected by simply tightening or replacing the hose clamp(s).
The filler hose system is by no means a simple one. It is comprised of the actual entry hose, another connecting hose that goes to the tank itself, a catalyst bypass, and a vent hose.
There is also a carbon canister and expansion tank on the left side of the tank. All these in addition to the supply lines that go to the fuel filter, the engine, then back again.
This is usually not a DIY repair. Just the matter of putting the car on a lift and diagnosing the actual leak can be major problems.

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