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I need information on Chevrolet Cobalt 05′ radio removal and installation of different head unit?

December 19th, 2010 · No Comments

I’ve heard that the vehicles computer is wired to the factory radio and thus makes life very difficult to change the head unit. This is a rumour I heard so confirmation on this would be appreciated. I’d like to perform the work myself so reference to schematics, websites, forums etc would be helpfull. Thanks for the help.

Ans: it is true dash ,warning lights and gauges will stop working also the little ding ding ding chime will stop working only two ways to do this make very long wires and keep the original radio in the trunk you need 2 cables ground and one speaker or buy a 80.00 interface that will let you remove the radio and install a new one also when you take the factory radio out there is no ignition in the dash for a new radio only constant power.

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