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2004 chevrolet impala ls aftermarket radio installation?

December 19th, 2010 · No Comments

i was about to put a new pioneer radio in my car when i took the dash out and the stock radio instead of there being the one plug for the wire harness there was an addition black one…i dont know what the additional harness is for….can anyone help me with this?
is there a special harness i have to buy to plug in both cables or is there a way to work around it….without plugging in both of them the radio does not work.
- not sure for your exact car, a friend of mine has a 04 grand prix i think it is, had to buy some special harness to place the stock head unit in the trunk. the computer for the car is ran thru the head unit so it had to be there.. so it got stuffed in the trunk. they made a kid specially for it, i dont have links or anything but if it was that was for his it could be that way for yours, look into it and good luck

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