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Why isn’t my bass as loud?

December 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Hey everybody I have two MTX 12′ thunder 7500 series subwoofers in a ported bass slammers box strapped by a kenwood KAC-9104D amplifier and a stinger 1 FARAD capacitor in my 1996 chevrolet cavalier. The question is this: Why won’t my bass hit as hard as it did before the professional installation? I had hooked the subs up to the amplifier myself and sent it in to get fully re-wired and have everything professionally done to make sure it would sound good. It looks much better and custom to the maximum, but the bass doesn’t hit as hard. The factors that might preside are…….

A. The subwoofers are pushed back towards the seats providing more airspace and less thump when the bass hits. (was previously close as ever to the actual trunk opening now is by the seats.)
B. The capacitor is taking up some of the power that the amp has and it gives the subwoofers less wattage so less bass.
C. There might be something else wrong?

Ans: your problem is the box position, every car is differant and evey box is differant, the cap will not rob power, it stores power for hard base hits so your lights dont drain and less strain on your cars alt. 2 of the best box positions i’ve ever had were at the back of the truck by the seats with the subs facing the back of the car, or the box at the very back of the car with subs facing the seats,, never face your box strait up.

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