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Oxygen Sensor – Low Voltage?

December 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

I ran numerous Diagnostics tests with the OBD-II readers and replaced many oxygen sensors (Bosch and Delphi) with my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado. But my check engine light has been on for the past month with the new oxygen sensor. The last test, I replaced the Bosch oxygen sensor with a Delphi. I made a quick run to Tuffy and asked to run a test for my truck. They did. After that, it read O2 Sensor – Bank 2 Sensor 2 – Low Voltage. I know it’s downstream (passenger side, after the cats). The mechanic told me it has something to do with the wiring harness that connects to the computer, or a wire has been tugged/pinched during installation (made sure I didn’t touch anything other than the oxygen sensor).

I asked him how much that would cost to fix the wire harness. With a surprise, he said $700-$800 job. Sound like a reasonable price?
However, I was wondering if it has to do with something else other than getting a new O2 sensor.

Ans: that can be a pinch in a wire but it can also be caused by a wire getting to close to the manifold causing the heat to affect it also,so don’t rule that out yet,their asking to much to repair that problem with it,if you look hard enough i believe you,ll find the problem with it without going back to them,good luck.

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