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How long does it take to put a clutch in?

December 21st, 2010 · No Comments

Hi I am just wondering if I were to bring my 92 dodge stealth rt to a mechanic and get a new clutch put in, how long will it take?
I am just wondering what kind of price I am looking at, my mechanic charges $65/hr for labour. Not %100 sure if I need a new clutch yet will find out asap but if I do I just don’t know the price range I am looking at.

Ans: The Stealth is an all wheel drive platform… Figure around 8 hours at shop rate. DIY if you dare will be easily twice that along with rental of a transmission jack.

- depends on if everything is rusty or not id say 3-4 hours or so but its a ruff guess. i am a mechanic and if something else comes up in the shop u just cant tell.nobody is giving me feedback and i need it it keeps me coming back so can i get some feedback pls.

- It’s front wheel or all wheel drive. The engine and transmission must be removed from the car in order to replace the clutch. Figure about $1,500, probably more than the car is worth.

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