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How different is an 09 Dodge Dakota engine from the previous year models?

December 21st, 2010 · No Comments

I’d like to put a cold air intake into my 09 Dodge Dakota, but apprently its too new for many after market parts and they only go till 08…
is there a big difference in the engine or will an 08 intake work in my 09?

just some advice ,but for now id leave it like it is,altering the way it is now can affect the warranty on it and you,ll be needing the warranty in the future,i think id leave it like it is for now,even if you did add one to it ,i don’t think it would help you much on that one.

- The cool air, like was mentioned would do a little but, not that much.
Easyest way to see if fits is to messure it.
There are meny things to make it faster out there.

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