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How do you bleed a ‘92 Nissan Sentra’s radiator?

December 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

When i open the radiator cap, the water is always bubbling up and out. I constantly have to add water so where is the water going when theres no leak?

Responders: Ok it is 17 years old. Be sure you really like this car before repairing the head gasket. while the head is off there is that timing chain just asking for new sprockets rails and guides. Water pump rubber hoses all cannot be trusted to drive for very long. There may be federal money available to take that car off of the road.

- There must be a leak in the cooling system somewhere…doesn’t have to be the radiator itself. Have you checked all the hoses etc? Sometimes a hose works a bit loose and can seep coolant.
If there’s absolutely no way your cooling system has a leak, then is your thermostat stuck? That happened to me once and the engine was over-heating a bit, so it was using too much water.
Hope you get it sorted soon…cars are such a pest when there’s something wrong with them!

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