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How many miles could I expect to get out of my 98 Nissan Altima, before replacing it?

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

I would say if you take care of it
Like maintenance and change fluids regularly
I would say you can expect a minimum of 150,000
It is a foreign car so it usually lasts longer but i would say on average it should hit 170,000 and if really good care it can make 250,000
But realistically if you take good care of it it should make 200,000
Depends what goes wrong on it some things will be easy and cheap to fix and it should last a while
I have a friend who got his car to 350,000 and still running good

- You’ve got a nice car! I had a ‘97 and wish I had the ‘98. If they fixed the timing chain tensioner problems, with regular oil, coolant and transmission oil changes, your good for 175,000 miles (when your transmission finally gives out).

- as long you do the maintance it should run for at least 200,000 or more i run my cars until the wheels fall off or motor blows which has always been more then 200,000

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