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How to make Nissan Pick up faster?

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

I have a 1995 nissan pick up it has about 130000 miles on it. I got it for free from my grandfather and i really was just wondering how to make it faster without spending a boat load of money. I really want to make it faster so i can smoke my buddy’s who talk about it. if you didn’t already no the nissan hardboard’s are already fast. i just want to make mine faster.

A: The cheapest way to go faster is to loose weight. Take out any carpet, headliners, trim, seats, spare tire, tools, speakers, etc… If it has a bench seat, take that out too and replace it with a racing bucket. Find lighter rim/tire combo’s, that will also help out. There may be a chip for your computer as well. If it has a distributor, you may be able to advance the timing a bit and run premium gas in your truck. All the little things add up.

- Gravity ,my friend nissan p/u are NOT fast vehicles.they’re utility vehicles.gravity off a bridge is about all you can do now.besides,130,000 miles and the camshaft (little stick(s) that make the valves move) is just about ready to turn into licorice(quick and fast are 2 entirely different things.drag racing is a contest to see who is fastest quickest .217 mph in 5.45 sec beats 254 mph in 5.46 seconds.

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