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Volkswagen Polo window stuck down, how to get the window back up again?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

It’s my drivers side window, so I can’t secure the car or go anywhere until its fixed! I don’t want to do it again, but if I press the down button the window disappears completely. Then when you press up, the window rises almost enough to grab hold of (but not quite!), and won’t go any further.
I’m not super technical, so any advice in basic english is much appreciated!

A: I repair cars for a living, take the door trim of there will be a few screws and also the trim is cliped on then you you will be able to see whats stopping it, it could of popped out of one of the channels. if you dont have a clue about cars take it to a dealer and they will sort it in no time. also auto glass people only replace glass if there is an electrical fault or it needs a new regulator they wont be able to do it.

- So far everyone has suggested that you take it to the dealer i’m a 17 year NGA certified master auto glass tech and i can tell you most dealers call a glass shop for that kind of problem so just call an auto glass shop they can do it faster and cheaper.

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