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How do I get rid of the musky smell that circulates when I start my Volkswagen Passat?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Especially in hot weather, my Passat stinks with a musky/rotten smell coming out of the air vents. I have changed the air filter, and that decreased the smell for a few weeks. I did do a search online for similar problems leading me to search for leaks or damage, but haven’t seen any. I love my car, but HATE the stench.

A: Turn on the heating and the fan full blast for awhile. That should do it. Maybe again in 2 weeks for 10 minutes or so.
It could be just a build up of stale air in the heating vents that need to be pushed out. Could be the deteriorating plastics combined together type of smell. If you drive the car all summer and never use the heater, come the cold days, the heater stinks. That or something died in there.
In my new vehicle when I got it home, I park it in an enclosed garage. The next morning I walk into the garage and it smells of “gear oil” That is 90W motor oil used in transmissions and rear ends. A distinct smell. This car does not use that type of oil. So have determined it is a combination of the new plastics in the car that produce that smell.

- Don’t put your for fan on the recirculate mode always put your fan on fresh air mode for a while. For the mean time buy a box of baking soda and put it on your carpet to removed the odor later just vacuum it . I hope this will help. Thanks

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