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How should i add coolant to my 2003 Volkswagen beetle?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

If I have to take it to a mechanic shop I will, but still would like to know if it is safe to drive? My friend added water because we did not have any coolant (antifreeze) at the time.

A: Read your Owner’s Manual. Do not mix the coolants. Call and ask the VW dealer service dept for more info. Using the wrong one can damage the engine. These cars are petty picky with what you put on them, except for the fuel. Just added water was a better choice than any coolant since the Green stuff sold in Wal Mart could damaged your engine.
Again, the Owner’s Manual is your best friend.

- its fine to drive…anything in radiator is better than nothing…just get it tested so its 50/50 and protects in freezing temp…proper coolant/water ratio helps prevent overheating too

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