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How do you open the trunk of the Volkswagen Rabbit?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

I just rented a rabbit (2008) and the trunk is not opening by either the remote or the button from inside the car. Is there a trick to it? or maybe it’s just broken?

A: Button? More like a lever by the left foot. Broken on a new car. Kind of doubltful. Even after 20 years it is doubltful it will have broken. Super tough steel.

- You have to pull the handle on the outside. The round VW emblem/badge is the handle. Push it inwards at the top, then from the bottom pull it open after unlocking it with the key, you should see a keyhole after lifting it up.

- the lock may be on it. Right next the the switch for the rear trunk check to see if there is a little slot to insert your key if so stick your key in it and unlock it.

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