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Turn a Volkswagen Beetle from manual to automatic?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Thinking about buying a 1990 bug. Anybody know how much, ball park, it would cost to make it automatic???? I don’t know how to drive a stick and it would probably take a while for me to get the hang of it.

A: Conversions on VW are fairly easy, but most mechanics would not have any experience.
You would need to find a dune buggy sort of mechanic who was familiar with conversions.
The reason they are so easy is because VW always makes both sticks and automatics the same, and only switches what parts are added.
If you mean the old bug, there are 2 choices for an automatic, the auto-stick with the vacuum operated clutch, and the type III full automatic. Both would work and are easy to put in.
With the newer bug, only the full automatic is available.
But I do not recommend the switch to an automatic.
They not only have less power and mileage, but the engine, brakes, starter, etc., wear out faster.
All the conversions I have ever done were from automatic to stick except for one, and that was for an amputee.
I strongly advise borrowing an old beater and learning how to drive stick. It is not hard, and will make you a better driver.

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