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How much would you be to get a Volkswagen Golf Mk3 to get spray painted white?

December 25th, 2010 · No Comments

A: In my garage the starting rate is £1500 but it depends on alot of things, such as is it already white? do you want inside the doors and under the bonnet etc done, is there any damage to any panels that would need doing, blah blah blah so you could well be looking anywhere between £1500-£2500.

- Thats a hard question to answer just the material alone for my harley was 200. with prep & materils any good job will be at least 1000. only way to know for sure is shop around.

- I would suggest you shop around, but only change your color if you so choose. you could go bottom-of-the-barrel, say $100-200, or you could have a truly top-notch spray, say $1000+. that really will be tailored to your budget & needs. any shop you look into would be more than happy to show you their work, as they should have vehicles on site.

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