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What do I do about a small rust hole on the trunk of my Cadillac?

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

I am trying to restore an older Cadillac that is not it that bad condition except for this small hole in the trunk and bubbling rust on the body. How can I repair these?

- Durabond? Bondo? You will have to patch it and then paint it, make sure to put the rust preventer spray on it before painting. unless it is a large hole, then you may have to look for a replacement trunk, RUST SUCKS. the rust will have to be sanded out and then you use durabond to level out the spot, spray the rust preventer on and paint. Careful, if you have too large of a spot, the Durabond/Bondo will not stick or may pop off over time. But you do have to get rid of the rust or it will keep on eating away at the body.
- First, for the rust spots that do not penetrate, sand the entire surface including a 6 inch margin around any suspected sites. Follow up with primer to seal the metal, then resand as needed, and prime again.
For the holes follow the above until there is no sign of rust visible, then bondo the hole, then sand flat, then prime to check for imperfections and repeat the bodo and sanding as needed.
- A couple of ways to fix this. You can grind out the rust and fiberglass it. Or you can grind out the rust and repair it with a product like Bondo, a plastic body repair that you mix up to a paste like consistency. Or you could cut it out and weld or braze in new metal. Go with the Bondo. Your local auto supply store will have it. Follow directions and it works out great. Then after you have prepped the surface you can paint the car.

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