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Cadillac with no heat

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham that refuses to kick out hot air. The fan blows, but the temp. of the air never gets above slightly warm. What could be wrong and how much is this gonna cost me to fix?

- There’s a couple of things that could be wrong; Thermostat maybe stuck closed, Heater Control Valve Leaking or defective, or the heating core shot.
- Sounds like you need a new heater core… or the computer is not sensing that the coolant is hot enough.
- It will cost about $35 to buy another heater core. What the problem is the heater core is like a minature radiator. It gets clogged up and you just need to replace it so water can circulate thru it again.
Underneath the hood on the passenger side, you will see rubber hoses going into the engine firewall. These are your heater hoses. You just disconnect these. If they are cracked replace them while you are at it. Anyway, going inside underneath the dashboard, you just figure out what needs to be taken down to get to your heater core. Replace the core. and hot air will come out.
- Sounds like your heater core may not be circulating good.
before you replace it you may want to try a full back flush first, That will clean it out good. I’m not sure of the price if you have to buy a new one probably about $100.00 if you do it yourself.
If you bought the car used you may also want to check and make sure it has a thermostat in it, I have seen people leave them out instead of replacing it.

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