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Cooling/Anti-Freeze problem with Cadillac

December 28th, 2010 · No Comments

I poured anti-freeze/water in my car, drove it some and it went up to 248. Pulled over and it’s just not working right. I is over heating bad! It’s like pretty much pouring out. What do I do? I think it’s a hose. If so how can I fix it?

- Don’t drive the car! Have it towed to a GM dealer or a private mechanics garage. You would need a floor jack and jack – stands to have anough room to crawl underneath the the water-pump radiator hoses and radiator. You’ll also need a trouble light to throughly scope the cooling system out. Without a fre specialized tools it would be difficult for you to remove the clamps and hoses. Be prepared to remove the electric cooling fans add shroud worl to inspect the radiator end tanks and radiator core.
- could be a stuck thermostat which is the most likely cause, could be the radiator cap not sealing properly and not holding pressure. let it cool, to find the thermostat follow the upper radiator hose to the engine u will see the thermostat housing remove the house unbolt the housing and the thermostat will be inside, the cap will need to be pressure tested or u can just buy a new one and try it.

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