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What is the rattling sound under my hood when I press the gas?

December 28th, 2010 · No Comments

My 1999 cadillac seville sts SOMETIMES makes a rattling sound when i press on the gas. does anyone know what this could be? also, how much would it cost to get it fixed? please help im trying to sell it..thanks!

- It could be anything from a valve or piston to just spark knocking from a poor grade of gasoline being ran in it. It could even be in the transmission. A sound like that you really cant verbally describe it. I had people call me and telling me the same thing and they have even held the phone to there motor and wanted me to know what the problem was. There isnt any real way to describe it. The best thing would be for you to take it to a mechanic and get him to listen.
- It needs premium fuel. It’s pinging. Excess heat will cause that and ignition timing being wrong will also cause that. Try better fuel first and hopefully that dos it, and the other possibilities aren’t a problem- yet.
In the morning , while it’s still cold, check the radiator. It should be full. If it’s low, Take it to the shop and have them find your leak and fix it.

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