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How much should it cost to bondo my car door?

December 30th, 2010 · No Comments

My husband got a huge dent in the car door its an older cadillac and he wants to keep the car original and not get a new door. the guy we saw said he could push the dent out then bondo it. the only problem is he said this service would be 800$ to bondo and paint i think this is just out of controll my husband says its cheap…we havent even got other estimates…how mush should this normally cost?

- To fix a bad dent you have to first take it out. That involves taking off the door panel and using a special tool to hammer the dent back to a normal level. Then after that you need to do some bondo work. I know you have probably never done bondo work but I can tell you it is not fun. It involves an incredible amount of sanding until it is ready. Then after you fix the dent you need to paint the door. To have it painted right you need to paint the entire door. That means sanding down all the paint. Then after all that you finally can paint the thing. This process takes a lot of time and effort. It also does cost a lot to do because of the materials used. I would say that estimate is normal, maybe slightly high. You should get another estimate though because I do not know how bad the dent is to say for sure.
- 800 is a little high but I say do what you can yourself first and if you can’t get it right then see the pros. You will have done a lot of the work yourself. The paint match from a spray can will be off probably due to paint fade.
First NEVER push or pound a dent out from the backside. The bondo idea involves naturally the “bondo” Bondo is just a brand name. But before you start slapping it on the side of the car its best to get a slide hammer action dent puller they are cheap and can even be rented. you want to pull it out as much as you can and also you want to grind off the old paint in the area so the filler “bondo” sticks good. Then you going to want sandpaper and its a good idea to to get a sanding board to get it as flat as you can. THEN you need spot putty so fill in the high and low spots as well as any little imperfections. LOTS of sanding and using your fingertips to feel for the imperfections. Then you need to prime and sand. is a good place for paint from a can..Total cost is around 150 bucks..

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