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How much it is to re-seal a Cadillac Seville northstar engine?

December 28th, 2010 · No Comments

its a 97 cadillac seville sts, engine runs excellent, very sporty, very fast, just leaks oil pretty bad, about a qt. every 4 days, its a beautiful car, I drove it from detroit, MI to anch, alaska, over time its developed a nasty leak, I had the oil coolant lines replaced, still leaks, even though they said that would stop it.
Im thinking its a main seal, its seem to be coming from the front passenger side which is where the belt line is, I was thinking of just taking it in and having em pull the engine and re-seal it, but Im also thinking worst case scenerio here, it may not be.

- I don’t know what you mean by re-sealing, but I have a 99 STS with 117,000 miles on it and I re sealed the oil leak for practically nothing. I have cardboard laying under the engine to catch the drips. It only leaks about half a quart in 3000 miles. It’s not worth the expense to put all new gaskets in it. Oil is still cheaper.
- I’m assuming your talking about case half seals. That’s a pricey job. Depending on the lbr rate of the shop you talking about $1500-2000. Inevitably when they split the case the threads in it are going to strip out and it’ll have to be taken to a machine shop to be rethreaded. I’d probably take it to another mechanic for a 2nd opinion before you invest that kind of money. Also check into installing a used engine it might be more cost effective. They have to remove the engine out of the car to do this job anyway.

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