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89 Cadillac Eldorado coolant temperature?

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

What is considered normal operating temp. on a 1989 Cadillac Eldorado? At 65 mph on the freeway in 70 – 80 degree weather it’ll run between 186 to 192. On hot summer days it’ll run from 195 – 208. Standing still or in heavy traffic it’ll usually hit around 219 – 233. After engine is shut off it’ll go up to around 246, then back down. Had the car shut down on me once after reaching 240 in 120 degree summer heat. How hot can it get until damage is done to the engine, and at what temperature should I get suspicious that something is up with the cooling system?

- Have you checked the thermostat? If the thermostat is stuck open it will run hotter sitting still or in heavy traffic than running down the open highway. The thermostat is designed to hold the coolant in the radiator so the fan can cool it off until the thermostat opens again. If the thermostat is stuck open it will just let the coolant keep running through the motor and not give it a chance to cool down.
- Your engine temperature is set according too the Thermostat (180, 185, and or 190 Degrees). Durring extremely high temp. days the temperature will raise as much as ten degrees. If your Caddy is running as hot as you say, it’s a little extreme. You need a more efficient cooling system. Could have a partially restricted Radiator? Could have a Cooling fan failure? Engine block could be restricted? Water pump belt may be slipping, or pump bad? Coolant may be weak and Thermostat sticking My suggestion is too have your Coolant System serviced.

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