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Repairing emission systems on a Mercedes Benz?

January 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

I have a 1998 C280 Mercedes Benz and the “check engine” light has come on. I immediately called the repair shop and am bringing it in on Monday. The owner’s manual said the check engine light indicates a problem with the emissions system. How bad is that to repair, and how costly?

- Check engine light usually means that the 02 oxygen sensor has failed. It has either burned out or become disconnected somehow its a common problem. The sensors depending on the car range i believe my moms for her nissan pathfinder was 200 something and depending on where it is and how hard it is to install its in your exhaust pipe somewhere little thing with a wire coming off it so i would imagine on a mercedes they are expensive. However it will not affect your car all it does is keeps it performing at its optimum level you might get slightly lower gas mileage. And by that I mean probably less than one mpg difference if there is even any noticeable difference. However most states when doing your next emission test will not pass you automatically if your light is on (you can go to any autozone and ask to borrow the computer and turn it off but it will only turn off the light for a period of time so you will have to hurry to have your car tested).
- Take the car to AutoZone or similar. Most of the shops give free Check Engine Light (CEL) codes using an ODBC reader. The codes will tell you specifically what the issue. It’s a Pxxxx code. All cars have the same P codes, not make specific. Once you have the codes, google it and you will be told. Your Merc may have several O2 sensors, the P codes will tell you which ones failed. They run around $150 per. They need a special tool but can be found at auto parts stores.

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