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Turn off the check engine light in a 2000 mercedes ML320?

January 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Just want to turn it off before we trade in to the dealership. We just want to get rid of the temporarily, I know on Acuras, there’s a way you turn the key a certain way for a specified amount of time and simultaneously step on the gas pedal. The dealer will probably low ball us anyways with the trade in, so I’ll let them worry about the problem.

- It’s illegal, and if the dealer is going to low ball you anyway, what difference does it make? The check engine light is driven by fault codes saying “something’s wrong.” Either get an estimate for repairs or be up front and honest, as I am sure you wouldn’t want the same done to you if you were buying a car with a disconnected “check engine” light.
- Well being an honest person i would go to autozone and find out whats wrong with it and then fix it….. but if your cheap and don’t care then you can have autozone disconnect the light. But the future owners would never know if anything was wrong with the car resulting in a broken down ml320….. and costly repairs…… but regardless if the lights on or off they’ll check it and see the engine codes

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