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2005 Chevrolet Colorado question?

January 7th, 2011 · No Comments

I’m planning on getting an 05 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab LS 2.8 I-4. I’m trading my 99 Nissan Sentra for it, But I want to know how reliable it is, and if any one owning one has had any problems with it. And does it come with a Trip Computer, like the one that tells you your MPG and how many miles can you travel by the fuel on the tank.

- The posters that bashed the colorado are obviously ford fans.. i’m going to be honest with you.. i’m a huge GM, Nissan, and Volkswagen guy.. the Chevy Colorado is an awesome truck.. i’ve owned alot of vehicles in my short 9 years of driving time and i owned a 2004 colorado and it was phenomenal.. i put 40,000 miles on it the first year (drove all over the southeast and to texas once a month) it drives very nice on the interstate, great around the city, and it even looks great.. the heaviest hauling a did was my jet ski and it pulled it without a problem.
- In the parts business we are starting to see that it’s hard getting parts for these trucks, almost everything has to come from GM still. They aren’t a very well built truck exspecially if you are planning on using it as a work truck.
- It’s not bad it’s dash broad thing with me they don’t hold up like ford but ford has that power stoke big bucks to fix – gas-er ok it’s a drinker dodge 3500 crew cab with cummings B210 Turbo best but you’ll need better seats for the long haul

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