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Chevrolet Silverado rear end gear ration problem

January 9th, 2011 · No Comments

I have a full size Chevy silverado. I put low profile 17’s on it and now the speedo is about the mph off. when I am going 45 the speedo says 55. I would like to change the ring and pinion gear to make up for it because the rear end is already making a noise. not low on fluid though. I don’t know what the stock ratio is or how to tell. but can someone tell me how the ratio’s work. do I need a higher or lower gear ratio.

- To correct your speedo problem you would replace the speedo drive grear in the left side of the trans.You local chevy parts dept can help with the correct gear size to use and allso tell you what diff size you have in your truck.
- Any Chev dealer can tell you what gear ratio is in your truck from the option label in the glove box.
The speedo reading can be corrected by getting a speedo driven gear for the trans adapter or VSS or by installing a gear reducer…speedo shops can do this or buy the proper gear at a dealer. To correct a speedo that’s reading low, you need a gear with less teeth than the current one and 1 tooth equals 5 mph at 60 mph indicated speed. Have a friend drive next to your truck at 60 mph and read what your speedo says…if it’s 45 mph, you need a speedo gear that has 3 less teeth, etc…Changing axle ratio’s may require altering computer programs for the truck and if it’s 4WD, you’ll need to change front and rear.

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