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Between a 2004 Acura TSX or a BMW 325. Is the BMW much more expensive to maintain?

January 15th, 2011 · No Comments

- You will have much less maintenance with an Acura, as they are the luxury brand of Honda. They are very very well built cars and last a long time.
German made cars are good, but reparing them can be a hassle and become quite expensive. If you are MOST concerned about maintenance, get the Acura, or any other Japanese made engine.
- go wit the Beamer but thats just cuz im a BMW man and they are good strong german cars my buddy recently got a 325 and it has yet to dissapoint but their not the greatest in shitty snowy wheather.
- BMWs are the ultimate driving machine. it is a sweet ride, and very sturdy and safe. but yes, they are very expensive to maintain. when they get older, little things start to crap out, and the parts are expensive and hard to get. if you really think it’s worth the trouble, knock yourself out. or you could just lease one and not have the problem of the engine crapping out on you in it’s later years.
- I had a 2003 BMW 325xi. About 2-Weeks ago I traded it in for a Audi A5. I loved the BMW. It was very reliable and required very little money due to the warranty BMW offers. The Acura will be less expensive to repair though due to the fact you can put Honda Parts in it. The BMW is still a better choice because it offers more of a driving experience. Once you get into a BMW, it gets into you. Buying a BMW isn’t just buying car, it’s buying a lifestyle. Once you buy one, you are bound to buy more. I love the Audi, but I miss the overall tight feel of the BMw and the purr of the engine. I would have got another BMW, but I didn’t want to bother with idrive, so I bought the Audi.
Still, go for the BMW. It actually is pretty reliable and is more of an experience than the Acura.

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