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Where is the battery on a BMW 525 located?

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Any ideas anyone – thanks very much in advance!!!
- its in the boot – don’t understand why from an electrical point of view this is very inefficient due to voltage drop at high current
- that depends on the year. in my 535i ‘89 it is located under the rear seat… so before we can answer this i need to know the year. also try the onwers manual.
- Depends on year of the BMW. If the car is between late 80 – early 90s, the battery is in the back seat (you can pry the seat upward) If it is newer, it should be in the right side of the trunk.
If car uses M20 engine, the battery is likely in the back seat. If car uses M50 engine, then is in the trunk

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