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Have a BMW 520 Diesel, to protect the engine is it worth changing the oil every 10,000 miles?

January 16th, 2011 · No Comments

- Hi mate i have a BMW and just had my oil changed by BMW, they recommend you change the oil at 10,000 miles or every 3 years which ever comes 1st BMW engines are a good engine and can go for miles but i do suggest u change it that’s if you want a good reliable car BMW only charges 170.00 for a new oil change and they also do a grade 1 inspection in the price its worth it hope this helps
- Change your oil at 5000 mile intervals 10000 is a long time for a diesel even if its running on synthetic oil.Obviously change your filters not forgetting your fuel filter.I have owned 520d and 530d that’s whats recommended by BMW in UK.Regards Mick.
- Most BMW’s come with a service light system fitted, which tells you when to change the oil etc… This is calculated on the road conditions, speed terrain and distance etc..If this vehicle is not fitted with this system, then have it changed every 5-10,000 miles, this will keep it healthy, it’s a big engine remember and works pretty hard…
You can reset these service lights yourself by buying a reset tool from a motor component supplier, prices can vary around £10-50.00, but it pays for itself after the first service, this could cost £50 at a BMW service dealer…
By the way i had a BMW and it was the cheapest car i had to service, buying all the original parts from BMW themselves, so check this out, before opting for cheaper options at the local garage…
Plugs filters etc,all genuine parts i found were considerably cheaper than compatibles that were available.

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