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How can the clock be changed on a car and still show more mileage?

January 30th, 2011 · 30 Comments

How can the clock be changed on a car and still show 149,000 even though the true mileage is 82,000?
I was going to buy a car (BMW) and the seller says the true mileage is 82,000 but the clock shows 149,000 this is because a “new clock” was fitted.
How can this be true? If it is a digital clock can it not be set accordingly?
Is he trying to pull a fast one, he sounds Greek.

- I know that if you fit a new clock to a peugeot the milage the car had will show up on the new clock but if you fit a second hand clock off a car which had higher milage the clock will show the higher milage, dont know if this is the same for bmw, i would stay well clear of the car, plus 2500 for it i wouldnt look twice although it does look like a nice car.
- You don’t say how old the car is or what year. If he has the paperwork for any mechanical work done by a certified mechanic, ask him to show you the paper work. This sound shady to me and personally I wouldn’t buy it. A good rule of thumb is 12 – 15000 miles driven per year.
- Its ilegal to change the mileage on a car and you can be arrested for fraud. and it is quite hard to change the mileage.
And yes i believe he’s lieing and looking for the cash, So if you havnt already brought it, don’t buy it or from anyone that talks like this again.
- The question you really need to be asking yourself is “Why would the owner want to replace the clocks in the first place?”
It sounds to me like the seller is trying to lie about the mileage on the car to get a better price for the car.
Ask him for all the past MOT certificates to see what the recorded mileage is? Second examine the interior of the car to see what the wear and tear on the seats/peddle rubbers. This is will give you a good indication of the age of the car.

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