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Where can I find the correct air pressure for BMW tyres?

January 31st, 2011 · 89 Comments

They are 16″ standard BMW alloys with 225/40/16 tyres and I just temporarily filled a punctured tyres with Holts Tyre Weld from Halfords and I was told to inflate the tyre to the correct pressure after doing this.
- the only way is to refer to the manual, or if not check the pressure on the other tyre or tyres and match the psi
- well driver door has what pressure the company recommends but its up to driver to watch for wear and adjust look at tires side wall will have max pressure and what driver door as and somewhere between is what you can use still up to driver to adjust for wear.
- First of all, tyreweld is just a temporary answer – you need to get the tyre repaired properly by a qualified fitter, using a plug patch repair. If the tyre is damaged internally from running underinflated you will need to get it replaced as soon as possible. Please do not take any risks – the tyre is the only contact between the road and the car!
As for correct pressures, there is usually a sticker on the car (on the door pillar or inside the fuel filler flap), or in the car’s handbook.
Alternatively, any tyre dealer will be able to look it up for you.
- For the best tire life use the tire manufactures recommendation its on the tire. If you want a nice ride and your not worried about the life of your tires use the car manufactures recommendation its on normally on the drivers door.

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